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Dodge Raider For Sale Palm Springs


1987 Dodge Raider 2.6 inline 4 manual 5 speed 4x4 123,304 miles
I have had a lot of work done but time to move on to other projects
Completely rebuilt front end, new windshield, rebuilt brakes all around, new starter, new radiator, rebuilt steering box, new 2bbl Weber carb, new fuel pump, new clutch/slave cylinder, new tires, new water pump/ hoses, jet valve eliminators installed, complete new exhaust, new plugs,wires,cap & coil, drained/refill both differentials, Installed manual locking hubs. Clean Washington state title
Recent Compression test: 1 160psi 2 152psi 3 150psi 4 152psi




Palm Springs, CA




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