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About is designed to be a consumer resource for both potential buyers and sellers of Dodge Raider SUVs. This includes a comprehensive classifieds section, free listing ability along with sales history for reference purposes.

You will also find as this site develops information about Dodge Raider parts, engine swaps, lift kits, diesel info, off-road accessories and detailed specifications. Additionally as demand dictates it, this site will feature a Dodge Raider focused forum and community for Dodge Raider owners and enthusiasts.

How We Manage and Create Listings derives its listings and classifieds database from either directly submitted ads or listings re-posted from popular online classifieds such as Craigslist and eBay.  User submitted ads are updated daily while listings that have been reposted from other sources are scrubbed on a roughly weekly basis.

Rolling Database

We do not remove listings from this site when they are sold or no longer available.  Instead we mark them as such and remove seller contact information, but keep them on this site.  The idea is to keep an archives or a rolling database of past Dodge Raider listings.  The goal is to provide records for future buyers and sellers as well as enthusiasts to use for various reasons.  This includes derive fair market value of various Dodge Raider, build ideas and more.

Seller Information

We do our best to provide the most accurate seller contact information in our ads.  However when reposted ads from source such as Craigslist, we are often only provided a forwarding email.  Should you have trouble reaching a seller on an older ad, it is likely that the email is no longer valid.

Should you run into any ads like this or ones where the seller has already sold the vehicle please let us know on our Contact page.  Additionally if you are a seller and would like your personal information removed regardless of the sold status, let us know and we will do so right away.

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