1989 Elko NV

1989 Elko NV


Key Ad Information

  • Ad Source: Craigslist
  • Location: Elko, Nevada
  • Model Year: 1989
  • Miles: 174k
  • Engine: 6 cylinders
  • Asking Price: $4,780
  • Seller Type: Private Owner
  • Contact Info: Email Seller

Original Ad Content

I HAVE THIS VERY RARE 1989 DODGE RAIDER FOR SALE. Sorry about the crappy photos, I think you can get the just of this rig!
The engine is a 3.0 V6 SOHV with multi-port fuel injection. It has a three speed Automatic transmission with over drive. The four wheel drive is part time. Original mileage on this Raider is 174k, they get 15-27MPG. Cruise control, Tilt wheel, A.C., AM/FM four speaker stereo, suspension driver seat, Reclining buckets, independent front suspension & rear coil springs ALL add to the comfortable smooth ride of this 89 Raider. Just a bit of History on this very unique 1989, Auto, V6, Dodge, Raider. This one sat in an alley for years, waiting for me. I have been reviving & restoring this model & the Montero since 1998 by the books.
BRAKE SYSTEM: NEW master cylinder & fluid. Cleaned, lubed & adjusted calipers. I put ALL NEW (5) rubber brake hoses, NEW front pads & Rear shoes too. I have cleaned lubed & adjusted back to spec. the E brake & Pedals
STEERING & SUSPENSION: Has been Cleaned & lubed. It has NEW front shocks & sway bar bushings & adjusted the ride height. You will need tires soon.
3.0 V6 ENGINE: Has been Rebuilt. Which includes NEW rings, bearings, valve job with new up graded guides, lifters, gaskets, seals, o rings, timing belt & tensioner spring, oil & filter.
FUEL SYSTEM: I dropped & cleaned the fuel tank all the lines then added a NEW fuel filter then recalibrated the throttle body. I also repainted the tank & its skid plate
COOLANT SYSTEM: Cleaned & flushed radiator NEW cap, hoses, thermostat, Water pump & anti-freeze.
EMISSIONS SYSTEM: The O-2 sensor has been cleaned. Found an air canister, filter, air pipe & MAS. The cat is original & good. This Model has No EGR circuits or valves.
EXHAUST SYSTEM: From the back of the cat to the tail pipe. It all has been straitened & the muffler lifted to meet that condition.
TRANSMISSION (AUTO): I dropped the linkage & pan. Cleaned everything, adjusted bands & installed a NEW filter, lubed & adjusted the linkage back to spec’s & added NEW fluid.
TRANSFER CASE (PARTTIME): Flushed NEW gear oil & seal. Tested its generator & switches.
AXLES: Flushed front & rear axles & added NEW gear oil. Disassembled, Washed, cleaned & inspected the front bearings & Auto hub assemblies. Assembled it all with NEW grease & hub seals.
ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: Has all been tested including the Gauges, ALL the switches. I pulled every bulb & fuse cleaned then & replaced them as needed. Places in the harness have been restored with the exception of the CD Stereo & 2 of the 4 speakers.
HEATING/AIR CONDITIONING: Was a mess! So I Removed the dash disassembled, vacuumed & washed BOTH, including ALL the ducting & fuser grills. The heater core has been flushed. ALL the cables & pivot points have been cleaned & lubed & readjusted. The AC works cold & has not been recharged.
INTERIOR: Has been GUTTED! I cleaned & washed the floor. Checked for rust, even the door panels have been removed. It’s ALL been cleaned lubed, latches, hinges, handles & window regulates. ALL four seat belts have been removed & washed as was the carpets.
EXTERIOR: Is nice, no rust! I removed all of the old side windows tint & ALL the water spots on the outside. Installed a NEW tinted windshield & gasket, with NEW blades! The five (5) matching stock chrome rims, hub caps ALL cleaned (front & back) & polished. I’ve cleaned, sanded, primed & painted the rear bumper, grill, headlight frames, wiper arms, window wing frames, mirrors, rear side grill, & wheel wells. The Gold on Black finish has been washed well, rubbed & resealed. I have removed the old faded pin stripping down at the rockers.
This two door model comfortably seats four. The driver seat is adjustable. The rear seat has three positions & comes out with ease.As you can see it also has a roof rack, pre me, installed by others
I’m including an owner’s manual, bottle-jack, tire iron a clear title with all the above work done to spec & in fine working order for $4,780.
You will need to make an appointment here

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  1. I need some pictures. I live in Denver and the truck is for me while I am waiting for the 2020 Broncos to come out (I had a 72 and a 96). But, can’t spend too much money per the wife.

    So, if this works out I will have you take it to a mechanic, and if that is a good report and we agree on a price then I’ll fly out and buy the truck and drive it back to Denver.

    Send pix please.



  2. Hello Scott,

    Please contact seller directly with the above contact info(mail) for further query of this Dodge Raider, as some seller may not monitor the post/comment here.


  3. If you could provide some additional pictures I would much appreciate it. If as good as described we will be talking.



  4. Hello Bill,

    Please contact seller directly with the above contact info(mail) for further query of this Dodge Raider, as some seller may not monitor the post/comment here.


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